RWComponents is pioneering the next generation piezoelectric and touch sensitive switches for rugged and harsh environments. We are the leading provider of all piezoelectric and touch sensitive products and designs.

RWComponents was started in 2002 by founders with extensive technical background in development and manufacturing of the rugged input devices.  We specialize in the design and manufacturing of piezoelectric switches, keypads and custom switches for harsh and rugged applications and environments. Our switches are solid-state with no moving parts and totally sealed with a hard epoxy. No moving parts means no risk of malfunction due to abuse. We are the only manufacturer with these claims.

Since we have a deep understanding of input devices and our client's 
needs and the industries in which they desire them to work in, these motives drive our advanced technologies so the customer is always satisfied with the technological products and designs we produce.


Switches can be use in applications exposed to heavy use. We have two different technologies:


Our own custom design switches utilize our new proprietary (patented) technology. The difference between piezoelectric switches available currently on the market and ours is the face thickness of the switch. The face of our switches is 3 to 6 times thicker. That makes them one of the most rugged switches available today and affordable. Some of the switches have dual or triple ring illumination for visual feedback in variety of colors (standard – red/green and red/blue). We do have and specialize in  piezo switches with tactile feedback, ring illumination and tactile feedback, fully illuminated and tactile feedback. Standard sizes are 16mm, 19mm and 22 mm and 30mm. Piezoelectric switches do not require an external power source.

Touch Sensitive Switches

Utilizing our own proprietary technology. Switch is activated by light touch or near proximity. It will project a sensing field through air or any insulators and can be operated with a gloved hand. Touch switches are also a solid-state with no moving parts. Therefore, no risk of malfunction due to heavy use. Sensitivity can be tailor made per customer requirements. Currently we have push- buttons available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel housings with illumination, as well as flat touch sensitive switches. Flat touch sensitive switches designed to be mounted behind any non-conductive panels like: glass, plastic and ceramics for up to half inch thick. Touch switches require external power source 24VDC.

RWComponents Capabilities


Designing Peizo electric and touch sensitive switches


Piezo and Touch Sensitive Switches


Maching metal parts


Designing PCBs

Our Mission is New Innovated State of The Art Piezo Technology This is what we mean:  We are the only company that is manufacturing piezo switches for hot environments, switches the can be exposed to - Hot Showers, steam rooms and hot baths. 

In these Videos You Can See Our Piezo Technology is Designed to Work  Under Hot Water: See Our Design Gallery For More

We want to provide our customers with only the best new innovated product as possible. We are here for all the product assistance and technological designing that our customers need. Our proven vandal proof designs assures our customer that our piezo or touch sensitive switches will never fail in any type of environment  that they are tested in.

What Environments Can Our Products Thrive In?


Our Piezoelectric and Touch Sensitive Switches can be seen fully functioning under water, in cold or hot environments  wet environments  they are vandal proof so you can be assured they will never be damaged, and seamlessly function in high traffic areas without any problems. This is our specialty.

Please See Our Piezo and Touch Switch Categories for more Videos or Please Look at Our Gallery. Our Switches are Made for any conditions.

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