RWComponents Touch Sensitive Designs

Utilizing our own proprietary technology. The Switch is activated by light touch or near proximity. 

RWComponents utilizes our own proprietary technology. Switch is activated by light touch or near proximity. It will project a sensing field through air or any insulators and can be operated with a gloved hand. Touch switches are also a solid-state with no moving parts. Therefore, no risk of malfunction due to heavy use. Sensitivity can be tailor made per customer requirements. Currently we have push-buttons available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel housing with illumination, as well as flat touch sensitive switches. Flat touch sensitive switches designed to be mounted behind any non-conductive panels like: glass, plastic and ceramics for up to half inch thick. Touch switches require external power source 24VDC.

Some of Our Touch Sensitive Designs We Can Do, But We Are Capable of Much Much More.

Touch Sensitive Panel Mounted  Switch with Dual Ring Illumination


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Touch panel mounted switches utilize out own unique technology. This switch has a dual ring illumination for visual feedback (standard LED colors re/green and red/blue) or a piezoelectric buzzer can be incorporated for audio feedback if desired, we are one of the only companies manufacturing this type of product. This switch is activated by light touch or near-proximity. It will project a sense of field through air of any insulators and can be operated with a gloved hand. This switch is also a solid-state device with no moving parts, therefore no rush of malfunction due to abuse and can be used in applications exposed to heavy use. Sensitivity can be tailor-made per customer requirement.

Switch is available in: plastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. 

Standard sizes are: 19mm, 22mm and 30mm and 2'SQ.

Custom size and illumination can be developed by our R&D Department


Electrical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 24VDC

  • Supply current: 10mA (not including LED)

  • Switching Current:175mA

Operating force: light touch or near proximity

  • life expectancy: millions of cycles

  • operating temperature: -40+80C

Recommended applications:

  • Internet and information kiosks

  • safety and security equipment

  • food industry

  • access control

  • chemical and petrochemical industry

  • marine industries

RWCOMPONENTS 12mm ip68 ip69 metal momentary piezoelectric anti vandal touch sensitive vandal proof custom low voltage resistive httm push button waterproof sensor piezoelectric effect illuminated push button 16mm 22mm presser switch stainless steel capacitive switch push button cp 16mm flat head tact switch LED PIEZO SWITCH TOUCH SENSITIVE SWITCH IP69

Our Touch Sensitive Switches Were Born To in Harsh Environments  

Touch sensitive switches environmentally sealed, vandal proof when installed can be installed and operated behind any non-conductive panels like: glass plastic and ceramics up to a half inch thick. The switch is activated by touch or simply approching the plane which it is mounted on, our switches under this condition can even be operated with a gloved hand. Switches come with variety of LED's for visual feedback and we can even produce them with a piezoelectric buzzer for audio feedback. Touch areas the switch can be customized to other shapes and sizes per customers demands.

Other Touch Sensitive Technology We Have Produced