Touch Sensitive Switches Designed For Harsh Envionremnts 

Touch sensitive switches are environmentally sealed, vandal proof when installed behind any non-conducive panels like: glass, plastic and ceramics for up to a half in ch thick. Switch is activated by touch or simply approaching the panel under it which is mounted. Our technology behind our switches allows the user to operate them with a gloved hand. It will project a proximity sense field through air or any insulators. This switch is a solid-state device that has no moving parts and the sensitivity can be adjusted per customer requirement. Some of the switches come with a variety of LED's for visual feedback and some with a piezoelectric buzzer for audio feedback. Touch area of the switch can be automized to other shapes and sizes. Switch can be incorporated in a grid .750" spacing and connected to base PCB by flat cable with a connector. Custom Versions can be developed by our R&D Department. 

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