Custom Laser Marking 

RWComponents switch plates are known for their extremely long lifetime and seal tight surface which protects against dust fluids and harsh environments. Plates are made of 316 stainless steel solid one piece housing and hermetically sealed when installed. Piezo switch-plates are solid state devices  and require no external power source. 

Because switch plates have no internal moving parts there is no risk of malfunction. Piezo plates are available with custom laser marking. Mounting holes sizes are .120" dia and spacing 3.300. Plate sizes are 4.730 x 2.960 x .100 thick and can be custom made per our customers requirements.

Piezo shower plate tested in the hot water.

Hot water won’t activate plate.

Piezo plate was designed to work in the shower directly under hot water

Notice the Orange Light in the Upper Portion of the Video

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